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The breasts are a defining part of a woman’s body. Whether it is cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, breast surgery can help to improve a woman’s self image and confidence. Many women face insecurities about the size, shape, and symmetry of their breasts. It is not uncommon for women to face self-esteem, psychological and emotional issues due to dissatisfaction with their breasts. We have seen shy and quiet women, who after surgery have found a new lease on life and gained confidence and strength that they never thought they possessed.


Reconstructive Surgery


Dr. Goldberg commonly uses breast reconstruction surgery to address functional issues and congenital breast deformities such as lack of breast development, irregular development, and changes after pregnancy and breast-feeding. She is experienced in the treatment of tuberous breasts as well as supernerary breasts and nipples. Dr. Goldberg performs breast reductions for women who experience pain or discomfort or otherwise feel that their breasts are too large; she is also familiar with the treatment of the overdevelopment of breast tissue in men, known as Gynecomastia. Concerns related to breast cancer treatments and past mastectomies are treated specifically with breast cancer reconstruction.


Cosmetic Surgery


Dr. Goldberg also offers a variety of cosmetic breast surgeries. For those looking to increase their cup size, Dr. Goldberg offers breast augmentation. Because Dr. Goldberg is a highly skilled surgeon who has studied and practiced extensively, she also offers breast implant revisions to correct for past implant surgeries done by other surgeons who did not meet the expectations of the patient. A simple breast lift removes excess skin and to tighten the breast for a younger look. A breast lift including implants can correct for the effects of aging while simultaneously increasing the cup size.


Since so many factors can contribute to the ultimate breast shape, it is important to Dr. Goldberg to evaluate and tailor each surgery to the particular needs and desires of the patient. Please take time to review Dr. Goldberg’s approach to both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery on our website to further learn about her personal approach to breast reconstruction and cosmetic breast surgery.



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